Wii U Games, Ranked By Probability Of Switch Ports

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After Zelda, Mario Kart, Pokken, and now Bayonetta, which Wii U games will end up on Nintendo Switch next? Here are the most (and least) likely suspects.

Nintendo hasn’t been shy about porting its Wii U games to Switch, and for good reason: Wii U had a few excellent games, but it was also the worst-selling home console in Nintendo’s history and so those games got in front of very few people. And, of course, Switch’s portability means that even if you’ve already played these games, you might double-dip for the best ones.

But not all Wii U games are created equal. There are a few that would seem like locks for a Switch port in 2018, some whose continued existence is questionable at best, and some that will almost surely never see light of day on the Switch. Here’s how I see it breaking down. Note that this is not just a list of the best and worst Wii U games; I’m taking into account a variety of different factors.


Most Likely To Succeed

Switch Me Maybe?



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Wii Sports Club + new games from sports resort (archery / frisbee / etc)

I know the wii sports craze is somewhat gone now, but it’s still one of the best multiplayer experiences one can have.