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Wii Speak, In Action

Have you seen the Wii Speak microphone in action? I haven't. So let's watch, as this sweet, innocent Japanese teenager "meets up" with a friend in Animal Crossing and "does stuff". Can't understand much, but it's clear they both recognise a lobster when they see one, one of them is very insistent they eat chicken for dinner, and they both find the whole experience overwhelmingly cute. If there were a hell for Xbox Live users, surely this would be it.


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Jesus so much Wii Speak AND Animal Crossing hate, no need for that. This does beg the question what makes you more of a jerk? Is it curseing out a 12 year old on LIVE, or letting your entire house hear your convo about pitfalls, fishing, and how much of a money hoarding asshole Tom Nook is.