Wii Speak Channel Coming Next month

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You didn't think the Wii Speak microphone was only for Animal Crossing, did you? No, Nintendo announced today at their press conference in San Francisco that an all-new Wii Speak Channel will arrive in North America on November 16th, allowing up to four friends who've exchanged Friend Codes to chat with one another. In the chat room, players will be represented by their Mii's, who will mimic their speech on the screen as it happens. I'm guessing that's limited to hand gestures and simple body movements, so those planning on using the channel for more intimate encounters will still have to rely on their imaginations. The Wii Speak microphone, which retails for $29.99, will come packaged with a code that allows owners to download the Wii Speak Channel at no additional charge. Other uses of the mic include leaving voice messages for your friends ("Why did you disconnect? I wasn't done yet?") and narrating photo captions.

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Aha, I like how you need a code from buying Nintendo's microphone in order to access the WiiSpeak channel.

Basically, third party microphone manufacturers will be cut out.