Wii Remote Controlled Laser Pew-Pew!

Inventor-by-day, DJ-by-night Henry Strange's latest creation is a laser beam that is controlled by a Nintendo Wii Remote mounted in a white, plastic gun casing.

This is Henry's walk through. It does have a laser pointer, which probably could put someone's eye out or blind them or something horrible like that. But do not worry, Henry is a professional! To see it in action in his DJ set, click here.


Henry claims this as the first Wii-mote controlled laser. Sadly, it does not seem to go pew-pew.

Since its release, the Wii Remote has been hacked for various things. Back in 2007, a DJ used his Wii Remote to splice tracks.

Nintendo, however, does not approve, stating, "The Wii Remote was created to play on the Wii system only." But lasers!

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