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Wii Price Drop Due Next Month, Says Report

Illustration for article titled Wii Price Drop Due Next Month, Says Report

The Wii may be as cheap as $150 USD next month, according to a report from Engadget, which cites a "trusted source" that says the console will become fifty bucks cheaper by May 15.


If accurate, it would be the second price drop Nintendo has issued for the four-year-old platform. The Wii dropped from its launch price of $249 to $199 in September of 2009. That price cut was rumored a couple weeks in advance, so Nintendo's pre-E3 price drop plans may have again leaked early.


A $150 Wii would be $100 less than the price of Nintendo's recently launched 3DS and the cheapest current generation console platform. It could also help revitalize flagging Wii sales, which have cooled over the past year.

Engadget's report appears to hint that a copy of Nintendo's Mario Kart Wii may be bundled with that $150 Wii package. If so, that might be a very attractive bundle for late adopters.

Nintendo cutting Wii price to $150 on May 15th? [Engadget]

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Paradox me

If it is a sign of the Wii 2 then I'll be somewhat disappointed. The chances of its success seem extremely slim. I fear they'd simply make the console as powerful as PlayStation 3/Xbox 360, once again leaving Nintendo behind the pack when the next generation starts.

Not that I particularly care about the hardware powering my games, so long as it's reliable, but it's been fairly clear that "hardcore" and "real" gamers have, by and large, ignored the Wii because of its graphics (among other things).

Even if they did make it more powerful than PS3/360, it'd still most likely be less powerful than the next Xbox/PlayStation, especially if Sony and Microsoft don't have plans for new consoles anytime soon. This would once again lead to the Wii's unfortunate fate.

Then there's control schemes. If it is indeed a Wii 2 and not a brand new console, I imagine it would retain motion controls/Wiimote. I'd like to think Nintendo will have the foresight to promote both Wiimote and a traditional controller from the start, and package them together with the console. Developers and gamers alike forgot that the Wii not only had GameCube controller support, but the Classic Controller as well. The system didn't have to be restricted to waggle.

Say what you will, but I'm ready for a Nintendo home console to be taken seriously again. It pains me to see such a great game company struggling to find its place in the modern market.