Wii Music Pack Full Of Needless Sax And Violins

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Wii Music challenges players to use their imagination to make their Wii remote and nunchuck into musical instruments. Accessory developer ezGear says screw imagination, here's some plastic instruments.


The company that brought us plastic tennis rackets, golf clubs, and baseball bats for Wii Sports now brings us a plastic violin, saxophone, and combination drum sticks / conductor's baton in their Wii Music Pack. Each white plastic piece contains a little recess for you to stuff either your Wii remote or nunchuck into, completely ruining the whole imagination aspect of the title.

Still, at only $29.99, it's an inexpensive way to add a large package under the tree, which is sure to impress friends and family alike. The Wii Music Pack should be available in stores later this month.

ezGear®Introduces New ezGear WiiTM MusicPack Accessory Kit for Wii MusicTM

Murray, Utah- December 1, 2008 - ezGear, a leading manufacturer of videogame peripherals and electronic accessory products, announced today the ezGear Wii™ MusicPack, an accessory kit for Wii Music™. The ezGear Wii MusicPack is a unique combo that offers enthusiasts three versatile and exciting peripherals for Wii Music including a Violin, a combination Conductor’s Baton/Drumsticks and a Saxophone.

“All the top Wii Games use accessories to improve the gameplay experience. Playing Wii Music is a ton of fun and the experience is even better when you have actual instruments to play!” said Charlie Bernstein, President of ezGear.

Instruments Included in the ezGear Wii MusicPack:

Conductor’s Baton/Drumsticks - Keep the beat on the virtual drums or chime in on the xylophone with the Drumsticks. The Wii Remote attaches into one drumstick and the nunchuck into the other. Or choose to use a single stick as a Conductor’s Baton to lead the orchestra in a musical masterpiece.


Violin - Place the violin under your chin and play like a virtuoso. The Violin holds the nunchuck and the Wii Remote acts as the bow.

Saxophone - Attach your Wii Remote to the Saxophone and wail like a pro.

The ezGear Wii MusicPack will be available in early December with a suggested retail price of $29.99.


For more information or to purchase ezGear products, please visit www.ezgear.com.


Dr. Tobias Funke (Analrapist)

I still can't believe these things cost so much! The plastic costs Nintendo about 35 cents to make, but they sell it for 30 bucks...I think I'm more saddened by the fact that people pay it no questions asked when it is entirely unnecessary for gameplay.