Wii Music Japanese Release Date Confirmed

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That Wii Music release date rumor we posted were correct! The game has been dated for Japan, and it will be released on October 16th and priced at ¥5080 (US$47). The game features something like over 50 songs and over 60 musical instruments. 「Wii Music」発売日は10月16日に決定 [IT Media]


@Foxstar Sixtail:

In general regarding all the games beeing in development

that is nice but why weren´t they shown during the presser?

Even just a 1 minute video with seconds of each of those flashing by would have made the hardcore happy.

My best guess is that many of those are in too early stages of development so that

nintendo doesn´t want to show them fearing they could change too much till completion and then maybe lead to a debacle like back when all those N64 games were shown and half was never released, the other half in totally different flavor which made many unhappy.

And yup, you also nicely pointed out that most of those games will probably not come out anytime soon, so yeah, hence people being disappointed when expecting several of those be announced at E3 and be released in fall/winter this year. Still it would have been better to show something than to show nothing (interesting to this audience).

My second best guess why they weren´t shown would be that

they wanted to keep the presser all casual content focussed, in that case they misunderstood whos the main audience for e3 coverage and target audience for that.

In both cases no good.

Now talking bit more about the games you listed specifically:

I won´t argue whether Punch Out with Balance board controls will be any good before trying it but having tried the Wii Fit Boxing thingy i couldn´t get into that at all.Controls felt off and unsatisfying.

In my eyes Wii Motion Plus controls where the swings/punches would be translated 1:1 would have been much nicer and also if they would have announced Punch Out and also that it would come bundled with the wii motion plus (or two if its used for both hands) just like Wii Sports2 ;that would have made some nice press and could have made way more people excited.

About a Starfox being in development i personally don´t care a lot, as you said the last few weren´t made by the old crew that made the first two great so to me that looks bad.

Regarding kid icarus and some other such old IPs i think there´s lots of fanboy ramble about some of these but i don´t think each of these would be really

bought a lot. While a 2D metroid or Punch Out or Pikmiin could do quite well i think people even getting halfway hyped for kid icarus type B Class IPs

is more just showing how desperately the hardcore Nintendo fans bag for a bone thrown to them by Nintendo. You know, any bone.

While talking about 2D Metroid: Had Nintendo shown a 2D Metroid for Wiiware lots of people would have gone nuts for it ;)

When talking about creating or establishing new IPs then sure that takes way more effort than refurbishing known quantities.

And yup, in several cases it also doesn´t work out.

On the other side in cases where it fails one should question did this fail because it has no market appeal at all? Or did it fail because its crappy?

Or did it fail because no advertising effort was put into it at all?

While i saw TV,mag and website ads and even big posters plastering the streets for Wii Fit everywhere i never saw a single ad for shadow of the collossus or other such titles which were appreciated by the press and a small hardcore bunch but then never took off commercially.

I think in many cases with some believe and marketing push by the company it could have looked different for some of these.

I see Nintendo as casual centric company, too and yup, i also have a Xbox 360 and soon a PS3 next to the Wii and i would never expect certain types of games on the Wii.

Some also just don´t make sense due to technical differences and meanwhile target audience differences.

Yes, meanwhile the Wii caters to such a small hardcore gamer fraction of fps players that even if those left in there beg for an fps game it has no big chances to sell tremendously well.

But those who count themselves semi hardcore or hardcore and still enjoy their Wii, those, yes those should be satisifed, if Nintendo looses those thanks to making less and less things for them or putting such things so much down the priority lane that it takes 6-12 months till the next such game type comes out then that´s not good for Nintendo as whole in the long run.

You know, we hardcore gmers stick way longer with a system and waiting for stuff despite all our moanings and ramblings ahead but once guys like us are annoyed enough to not stick with it anymore and not wait anymore then

no one brings the family to try that new wii thing or that new wii game on thanksgiving (and that way make half the family buy the stuff) anymore.

The Soccer Mom hyping the Wi stuff among her soccer mom friends first has to get hyped for it by her hardcore gamer boy/girl.

So, yup, Nintendo´s presser was no good for E3, it would have been more appropriate for the toy fare. On E3 they should have had a show and content fitting to E3 and its target audience.

Presser this or that, curious to see what Nintendo does in the coming months till end of the year, it will set way more things for Wii´s future than just making some fanboys ramble.