June may not have been a good month for the video game industry, but the prospects for Nintendo's motion-controller are looking promising. First month sales for Wii MotionPlus were what we'd consider a pretty good start.

First month figures for the Wii Remote add-on were "nearly 374,000" according to the NPD Group. That was split between 205,000 Wii MotionPlus accessories packaged with EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and 169,000 additional accessories sold on their own. Not bad for a $20 accessory that works with a handful of games.

Those figures tell us that Tiger Woods buyers overwhelmingly went with the version bundled with Wii MotionPlus versus the one without. Only 67,400 of the 272,400 people who bought copies of the golf title opted for the game-only version.

We, of course, expect that Wii MotionPlus figure to skyrocket when Wii Sports Resort goes on sale later this month.