Wii Games Will Finally Be Downloadable On Wii U

It's been possible to play Wii games on your Wii U since forever, but Nintendo's finally making Wii games downloadable through the eShop. This new feature kicks off with one of the company's best platformers, Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's available today.

Other games are coming very soon, too. Punch-Out!! is scheduled for January 22, while Metroid Prime Trilogy arrives on January 29. Games will be $9.99 each during their first week of availability before settling at $19.99. By comparison, a used copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is currently $29.99 at GameStop.


If a Wii game supported the Classic Controller, you'll be able to control it with the GamePad.

What Wii games do you want to see made downloadable on Wii U?

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