Wii Games Are Getting Better

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Like last generation's dominant console, the PS2, the Wii has come in for a bit of criticism over the amount of shovelware available for the system. But are things really as bad as they seem?


Research firm EEDAR have compared 2008's review scores (for the first six months of the year) for all three consoles to 2009's scores, and found that while the PS3 and 360 have remained largely steady, there's been a marked improvement in the average review score for Wii games, rising from 60% in 2008 to 66% in 2009.

You, I and 100 other people could have 102 opinions on just why that is, but does the why really matter when the result is so clear? Wii games are getting better, accept it, be thankful.


The Divnich Debrief: Wii Quality Sees Significant Improvement in 2009 [IndustryGamers]

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What? I look at the Wii-section of my local gamestore, and all I see on those shelves are My Little Pony, Boring Game I, Star Wars: The Crappiest Port Unleashed, Boring Game II, Resident "Oops-We-Made-This-For-GC-But-Whatever" 4, Boring Game III, Wave Your Wiimote If You're Horny and Super Mario Travesty... er, Galaxy.