Wii Fit Signed By The Wii Fit Girl

Here's your chance to own a piece of internet "celebrity"! eBay seller ii22ac is auctioning off a Wii Fit signed by The Wii Fit Girl. You remember her? That marketing lady who did Wii Fit in her underoos for her marketing guy boyfriend, but then claimed it wasn't a viral ad for Nintendo — the company has denied any connection at all. The eBay seller writes:

Here is a rare, limited, unopened Nintendo Wii Fit signed by the viral video celebrity 'Wii Fit Girl'.At a recent visit to EB Games here in Miami, I unexpectedly recognized and approached her and asked if she would kindly sign my Wii Fit. She was extremely friendly and had no problem signing it.


Wow. That's great. This online retailer just happened to recognize The Wii Fit Girl who just happened to be a his local Miami EB Games. That's amazing, because we're pretty sure the last thing The Wii Fit Girl is recognized for is her pearly smile. Hit the jump to re-see (but not unsee) what made this marketing lady famous.

Bids Start At $160 [eBay via Hawty McBloggy]

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