Wii Fit On Public Transit — Not A Good Idea

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I picked up a copy of Wii Fit Plus from Nintendo today for review purposes — and then had the traumatic task of getting the Balance Board pack home on public transit.


I was standing on the Powell Street station platform when I noticed a man staring at the box. The thing's as big as a suitcase, so I assumed he was just trying to figure out what it was. But then, he gets on the same BART train car as me and spends the whole ride back to MacArthur station staring. Finally, as I'm getting off the BART, he blurts out, "You know that thing won't make you lose weight, right?"

Jeez. Next time I have a Nintendo appointment, I'll just drive. Stay tuned to find out how fat my cat is with Plus's new weigh-your-pet-and/or-baby feature!

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I usually use Wii Fit for an hour or longer. You can work up a sweat, and you can get "the shake" from some of those strength exercises. I admit that I never get that intense of an aerobic workout from it, but I'm still kind of fit, despite reading Kotaku all day.

Most people who criticize Wii Fit have never tried it, or they're not putting their all into it. If you treat it like an exercise class/video instead of a game, you really put more into it. On the other hand, I like thinking of it like a game, because it seems to take away some of the suffering.