Tecmo Koei's Wii-exclusive third entry in the Samurai Warriors series is coming to North America this fall, with Nintendo of America signing on to handle publishing and distribution duties.

Nintendo apparently sees something special in the third entry in the Samurai Warriors series, a spinoff of the storied Dynasty Warriors franchise. The game was released in Japan in December of last year, available alone or bundled with Nintendo's new Classic Controller Pro. While the Classic Controller Pro is being bundled with Monster Hunter Tri here in the states, there's still a chance we'll see a bundle for this title as well, or perhaps even the Treasure Box edition, which came packed with the controller, a mini figure, an original soundtrack CD, and an art/strategy book. Nothing official along those lines has been revealed, but we can hope.

The third installment of the game includes both offline and online two-player co-op, along with a new mode inspired by the Famicom game Nazo no Murasamejo, promising to give players "unique control of characters never seen before."

Look for Samurai Warriors 3 to hit store shelves this fall.