Wii Energizer 4X Charging Station Review: Induction Into the Hall of Fame

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If you own a Wii, a charging kit, any charging kit, is almost a necessity. Unless you enjoy to constantly purchasing double A batteries.


And if you're going for a charging kit that charges a Wii remote without the need to remove the batteries from the controller there are plenty of options. And I've tried quite a few of them. My latest trial was of an Energizer branded charger that uses induction and a panel to power up your controllers. Fancy, yes. Worthwhile? Let's see.

Design: This charging station uses induction to do its job. That means that the charger is a flat panel that rests on a counter or desk and takes up almost no room. I love that I could put this thing almost anywhere and not have to worry about how it looks when not in use.


Snap To: While the panel is decorated with remote silhouette to show you where to place a controller for charging, it is the magnets in the panel that ensure the remotes snap into place.

Induction: Because this system uses induction for charging, you don't have to worry about whether you have a silicon sleeve on your remote or whether it has the MotionPlus accessory snapped on. Just plop the controller down on the panel and it instantly starts charging. A light changes from red to green to show when you're ready to roll.

With consoles and controllers of all kinds filling up the cabinetry around my television, space is at a premium when it comes to chargers. This new flat panel induction design makes the best use of that space, ensuring that it also works quickly and easily.

Fifty dollars for four rechargeable battery packs and the panel seems like a good investment to me.


Wii Energizer 4X Charging Station was developed by PDP for the Wii. Retails for $49.99 USD. A copy of the Wii Energizer 4X Charging Station was given to us by PDP for reviewing purposes. Used the charger over the course of a month.

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The $50 price is the only thing that bothers me. I know you get 4 chargers and all, but it seems like this is something the Wii should have been doing on it's own from the start. Kinda bums me out to be paying for batteries though so I might just bite the bullet and get me one of these.

I've had a rechargeable station before for my controllers, cost me $30 and only came with two chargers. Problem was, with the introduction of the Wii-remote jacket it's a pain to take it off to charge the remotes. This is a nice solution to that, and the batteries in my past charger have recently died... just stinks to invest again.

Now to go and look for a nice deal on one of these.