Wii Clone Coming To Taiwanese Arcades!

Taiwanese electronics company ENG Electronic has released a new video game platform called "Winner". The console uses motion controllers and a dual nunchuk-style controller as well. Wait a sec... This isn't new! We've seen rip-off Wiis before. But get this: According to arcade industry newsletter The Stinger Report, there are actually arcade versions of the Winner Wii clone planned. At Taiwanese game show Game Time International 2008, the coin-op incarnation, called Action Fun, was unveiled by company Song Yung, which is owned by ENG Electronic. The cabinet was packed with the Winner console running Wii Sports-like mini-games and using Wii-like controllers. No word whether this is intended for release outside Taiwan. Hit the jump for a pic of Action Fun II as well as videos of the mini-games!

Well at least the basketball is new. Sign Up for The Stinger Report [The Stinger Report]


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