Wii, 360 And...Runescape Top Yahoo! Search Queries For 2008

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It's no Google, but in the absence of Google's stats, it'll have to do: according to Yahoo!, the Wii, 360, PSP and even PS3 were amongst the 10 most-searched for technology items for 2008.


Impressive, yes, but also slightly misleading. See, by limiting it to "technology", we get a doctored playing field. What would be really impressive would be if a game or console made the overall top 10. A game like, say, Runescape.

Yeah, Runescape. Yahoo! say it was the fifth most-searched word on their search engine for the year. Ahead of WoW, ahead of Eve Online, ahead of, well, all but four other words/terms in existence. That's impressive.


Back on the technology list, here's the top 10:

1. Digital Camera
2. iPhone
3. Wii
4. Xbox 360
5. PSP
6. Blackberry
7. Skype
8. PS3
9. iPod
10. Garmin

Yahoo!: Wii, Xbox 360 Most Searched Console Terms In 2008 [Gamasutra]

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Ah, Runescape..

... What the hell is Runescape again? It sounds like it could be some crappy thing I may have tried 10 years ago.