Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Job Listing Sites For Video Game News

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Recently, Japanese job site CareerIndex posted that game developer Cave was looking for staff for a Yakuza game. The listing was, apparently, a mistake.


According to IT Media, Cave’s stock shot up 7.1 percent. Cave is famous for its bullet hell games, but these days, it mostly makes smartphone games. The listing said Cave was in charge of planning for the Yakuza studio, including script writing and drawing up original concepts.

However, CareerIndex made a mistake, accidentally listing Cave and deleted the listing, causing the company’s stock price to drop 4.8 percent.


A Cave spokesperson told IT Media, “We don’t have anything to do with Yakuza and are not involved in its development.”

The website that posted the information said they received the information from a cooperating site and posted as is. “Perhaps the person in charge of that site mistakenly sent the listing in question. However, we should’ve checked it as well.”

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