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Why You Shouldn't Accept Rides From Strangers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a reason parents and well-meaning people tell us to be wary of strangers, you know. Its useful advice sometimes, and it might save you from being the victim of elaborate pranks like this one.

Or, you know, might save you from potentially getting into a car with an actual mafia hitman and not just some joker like JoshPalerLin.


According to Lin—who has a YouTube channel full of all sorts of pranks—this prank was "one of the hardest and craziest pranks" he's ever had to do. Most people wouldn't get in the car when offered a ride. The chap in the video wasn't so smart.

"It literally took us two weekends to finally get this footage," he wrote on the video's YouTube description. There's always the possibility that this was staged, of course, but the entire thing looks legit to me just given the nature of Lin's YouTube channel.


Three other details:

  • The passenger seat was on child lock the entire time.
  • Josh (the victim) was taken out to dinner after the prank was over, and he vowed to never get in a stranger's car again.
  • Wondering why nobody called the cops, given that this happened in plain daylight? Well, no, someone does—right at the end you can see footage of a woman coming up to the car and threatening the pranksters.

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