Why Yes, Atlus, I'd Love Another Online-Enabled 3DS Action RPG

We've not written much about Atlus' Code of Princess, and that's partly my fault. I saw the online-enabled co-op and competitive action role-playing game at E3 earlier this year, and forgot. I know, let's blame Persona!


In fact it was sort of Persona 4 Golden's fault. After getting a small taste of that and the console fighter from the same beloved franchise, the last thing I wanted to do was sit and stare at a 3DS, even if what I was seeing was pretty darn compelling.

So here's the competitive multiplayer trailer for Code of Princess, due out October 9 for the 3DS.

Oh what the hell, here's the co-op trailer as well.

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I was planning to get this over the holiday season but I'm definitely getting this on release. I don't want to make the same mistake of failing to support a localized import @_@, and ruin the chances for a localized sequel (I'm looking at you Super Robot Wars OG Saga Endless Frontier >.<). Now if only we can get some definitive news about a Project X Zone localization...