Why Would You Overclock Your DS?

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The XCM Hyper Gear case for your DS Lite isn't just a case. That market's sewn up. No, the XCM Hyper Gear case also doubles as a device that overclocks your DS. Which, of course, doesn't so much improve the handheld's sluggish 3D framerate as it simply speeds up the entire game - video and audio - so you can run it at either 140% or 170% speed. Just in case you need an extra challenge. Or are a big Alvin & the Chipmunks fan. xcm hyper gear case overclocks your nintendo ds lite [technabob]

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Two ways to make use of this:

Utterly destroy your DS' screen as you attempt to play Elite Beat Agents (or the harder stages in the ever-so-slightly-tougher Ouendan 2) EVEN FASTER. Tappitatappitataptaptapscribbl... dammit!

Or, you could use it to do more cool stuff with homebrew. That would only be available to those who buy this one. Hmmm.