Chin up, Hideo! Don't let something like a new Grand Theft Auto V trailer get you down.

"I saw the new GTA V trailer!" Kojima tweeted*. "It was awesome, way too awesome. This degree of freedom is surely the future of gaming! It's at a different level from others. To be honest, it depresses me."

"I don't think our V can reach that level," Kojima continued. "Though, Rockstar's devs are the best. Make no mistake, this will raise the potential of video games."

Pretty sure Kojima isn't moping around his Tokyo studio or losing sleep over a video game trailer. Like most, he's probably excited about GTA V!


Both games look very cool. Kojima-san, you don't have to worry about Metal Gear Solid V anymore!

「GTA V」の新映像を観た! [@Kojima_Hideo]

"GTA V" new trailer, I don't think our "V" [@Hideo_Kojima_EN via CVG]

*Note: This translation was based off Kojima's original Japanese tweet and his English language version.


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