Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was the third Mario RPG released after Legend of the Seven Stars and Paper Mario. But what made it stand out? What was missing from the first two? ReallyFreakinClever's opinion is that it was none other than Luigi.

The video argues that Superstar Saga is like a perfect storm of good design decisions and high production value—a game featuring a nostalgic world filled with nostalgic characters, with a well-remixed soundtrack. And there's also the two-button control scheme, which not only uses the Game Boy Advance to its full potential, but perfectly marries turn-based combat with kinetic Mario platforming.

Having played Seven Stars and Bowser's Inside Story, one of the sequels to Superstar Saga, I can see where RFC's coming from, even though I, being fairly terrible at platformers, personally prefer Seven Stars. But I could certainly see myself liking the series more if I loved platformers as much as I do turn-based RPGs.

Really Freakin' Clever - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga [RFC@YouTube]

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