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Why Street Fighter Is More Than Just A Game

More Than A Game is a documentary that was a long time in the making. It chronicles the lead-up to (and events of) EVo 2011, and features interviews with some of the scene's biggest names.


It's a good watch for fighting game fans, yeah, but also for anyone else, because it gets under the skin of just why so many people love it so damn much.

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1. Is there a direct download link? I'd love to watch this on my Apple TV rather than sit in front of my computer monitor to do so.

2. Why the fuck does everyone praise SF4 so much? Every update after Super, Capcom's (IMO) been putting out mostly gameplay/balance updates without adding much actual new content (new characters don't count), especially in the single player department. Arc System Works, on the other hand, always ensures that there's plenty of content/modes for everyone to enjoy, and puts an insane amount of detail in almost every one of them. Not to mention, creative ideas - a perfect example would be BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma's story mode boss. If Capcom took some of THOSE notes and tried to fit them into SF, then maybe the $15 I spent would be worth a lot more than just Decapre and a 3GB balance update (not counting the new stages and the other 4 characters, since those were re-used from SFxT).