Why Predators Got Made

Money. Easy as that. But there's another reason as to why filmmaker Robert Rodriguez signed off on the film. Before we get to that, watch the movie's brand new debut trailer.

Rodriguez, known for his Spy Kids and action films, wrote a Predator script in the mid-1990s while waiting for Desperado to go into production. His screenplay, however, was never turned into a film. When the studio wanted to base a new Predator movie off Rodriguez's script, the filmmaker was brought abroad to produce the flick. Besides loving the original Predator film, what was the impetus for Rodriguez producing the picture?


"In one of my kids movies, one of the kids was playing a video game," Rodriguez recalled at a panel discussion this month. Rodriguez asked the kid what he was playing. "He [the kid] goes, 'AvP. Respect the classics, man.' ...That's not the classics, I gotta school this punk right now. Okay, I'm doing the Predator movie."

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