In Japan, there are numerous "street snap" sites. They take photos of hipsters who hang out in cool urban areas to show what stylish and outrageous trends are taking Japan by storm. Well, now there's a fashion snap site for survival games.

The Japanese street snap fashion trend was pioneered in the late 1990s when photographer Shoichi Aoki launched Fruits magazine. For those unfamiliar with street snap fashion pics, here are photos taken in Osaka by Freak Snap:

Instead of trendy hipsters on the street, website Survival Game Fashion Snap features photos of chic, young airsoft game enthusiasts decked out in camo, accented with standards like Gore-tex, North Face and Merrell.



Survival Game Fashion Snap's motto is "Make Yourself Look Neat Even When You Are In The [SIC] Combat." So stylish!


Survival Game Fashion Snap [Official Site]

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