Rapper Jay-Z is appearing in DJ Hero: Renegade Edition. Why, you ask? Well Jay-Z will tell you why: The success of Guitar Hero and Jay-Z's desire to spread hip-hop.

"Immediately, of course, with the success of Guitar Hero, it piqued my interest," Jay-Z tells MTV. "Then, you know, on top of that, it was something from the hip hop culture, so any time, you know, I can expand the genre and introduce it to new audiences and widen it. You know, the reach of what hip hop can do, you know, I'm interested in that. And then, you know, after playing the game, you really get the feeling, like you know, you can be Grand Master Flash."

Money, of course, had nothing to, you know, do with it.

Jay-Z Talks 'DJ Hero' And His Gaming Habits [MTV]