Why Is Video Game Sleep So Boring?

To: Brian
From: Stephen
Re: The Child Seems Tired


Yeah, your kid looked tired in that picture this morning. But I bet he had a delightful nap after that. Why is sleep never delightful in games? I hate sleeping in games. I always feel like I'm missing stuff, except in Bully, which enforced healthy sleep for the main character (good public service, Rockstar!). I never enjoy having to go to some role-playing game inn and then having the game blink into the future. Just for the sake of healing? Weak. Let me play through a dream or something.

Anyway, there are stories for you to read and stories for you to write. Fun! Kotaku just doesn't stop giving.

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Luke Plunkett

Max Payne's dreams were so awful it scared developers away from the idea.