The Only Way To Travel In Post-Cataclysm World Of Warcraft

You can have your fancy flying mounts and your flashy teleportation spells; the Goblin Rocketway is the only way to travel in the new World of Warcraft. It's like a love roller coaster, only with less love and more fire.


No one used to go to Azshara. It was a relatively useless zone, unless you wanted to build up your reputation with firbolgs, and who really cares what a firbolg thinks of them? One of the goals in World of Warcraft's landscape-shattering Cataclysm expansion and associated updates was to take zones like Azshara and make them fun again.

I'd say the Goblin raceway does the trick nicely.

For lapsed players returning for next week's Cataclysm release as well as players new to the game, accessing Azshara is now as simple as walking out the back door to the Horde capital of Orgrimmar. Yes, there's a back door now, and it leads to the completely redone Azshara. Once a zone for levels 40 and above (if memory serves), it's now a great place for characters level 10 and up to explore and gain experience points after they're done with their starting areas.

Horde players, that is. Low level Alliance players are welcome, but we can't guarantee their safety.

The Rocketway tower is within viewing distance of the gates of Orgrimmar. Simply ride the elevator to the top, tap the attendant on the shoulder, choose one of four destinations running the length of Azshara, and you're off!

I'm hoping that later expansions extend the Goblin Rocketway across all of Azeroth. Sure there's noise pollution, and the danger of explosions, and the deforestation of massive tracts of land to worry about, but the positives far outweigh those piddly issues.



you'd think they'd upgrade the graphics engine by now ... sheesh