Why Is There A Tanned Fairy In Dragon Quest IX?

With golden skin and bleached blond hair, fairy Sandy doesn't look like your typical Dragon Quest character. She talks and dresses like the Japanese equivalent of a Valley Girl.

Dragon Quest IX producer Ryutaro Ichimura describes a meeting regarding what kind of character would be best for the pivotal role of guide for the adventure. During these discussions, DQ creator Yuji Hori said "I think a 'gal' is good." Hori then chuckled.


"This time around," explains Hori, "I wanted to see us go with cute. Because of Koakuma Ageha or the 'gal'-style or whatever, we tried it." More chuckling.

And voilà , we get a tanned fairy girl with a bad dye job.

Creator's Voice [Touch-DS]

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