After a successful Facebook PR campaign, peripheral manufacturers Razer have announced they'll be making a left-handed version of their Naga mouse.

It's not the first time this has happened - not even for Razer, whose DeathAdder has previously been available for Southpaws - but it still makes me scratch my head.


I'm left-handed. And I, like every single other left-hander I know, uses a mouse...on the right.

Are there really enough lefties out there who prefer/rely on the flipped ergonomics and buttons to make this worth it? Actually, forget that, I'll just settle to hear from a leftie in comment if you, or anyone you know, actually uses tech like this. I'd be interested to hear why.

UPDATE - Razer boss Min-Liang Tan tells us "I'm pretty sure we're going to be in the red for making a left-handed Naga", and that it's intended "not for the LHers who have been forced/adapted to using a RH mouse. Its for all the other present/future LHers".

Razer [Facebook]

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