The Pokémon Origins anime special offered a reminder of one thing: Ash is a pretty lousy Pokémon trainer. If only he could reach his true potential! Eh, he can't.

Note: This post contains spoilers.

If you've followed the Pok√©mon anime, you'll know that Ash (or "Satoshi" as he's called in Japan) isn't exactly the best trainer. In the Pok√©mon League, the kid seems like he's always losing‚ÄĒthat's because he is.

Granted, this is part of the character's appeal!

In the Pokémon Origins anime, however, the trainer known as Red came in, and kicked ass. In the Origins special, which was divided into four episodes that all debuted last night in Japan, Red did way more in one hour than Ash has done in over sixteen years.


Here's a comparison, courtesy one Japanese Twitter user:


In the Pokémon Origins special, Red destroyed Team Rocket, became the Pokemon League Champion, and captured Mewtwo. Ash, however, still hasn't completely destroyed Team Rocket, hasn't become the Pokemon League Champ, and, as seen in Pokémon movies, wasn't able to keep Mewtwo in captivity.


It's not like Red is like the anti-Ash or something, it's just that Ash is a bit crap.

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