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Why Hideki Kamiya Hates the Bayonetta 2 Wii U Box

Illustration for article titled Why Hideki Kamiya Hates the emBayonetta 2/em Wii U Box

Okay, let's be clear. The guy is happy with the character design. And the character's pose. And the outfit. But there are a couple things that are ticking Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya off.


"I hate the logo of WiiU ver.," tweeted the outspoken game creator in English. "Junk." In Japanese, Kamiya was slightly more salty, tweeting, "The Bayo 2 package is shit. Who's the damned bastard who changed it..."

When asked if he had control over this, Kamiya answered, "No. They did it without any permission."

Illustration for article titled Why Hideki Kamiya Hates the emBayonetta 2/em Wii U Box

When asked why he was upset, Kamiya replied, "They removed the crescent behind Bayo & put full moon & changed the color of "2" in red. JUNK."

In the top image, you can see how the original art compares to the game's Wii U box art. I kind of agree with Kamiya. The new Wii U box art isn't as good as the original design.

Illustration for article titled Why Hideki Kamiya Hates the emBayonetta 2/em Wii U Box

As Kotaku reported yesterday, Bayonetta 2 comes with the prequel Bayonetta, free of charge. That's pretty cool. Those box art changes? Less so.

プラチナゲームズ・神谷氏「WiiU『ベヨネッタ2』のパッケージはクソ」 [はちま起稿]

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As the average Joe, I'd say "...What the hell? So angry for something so subtle? Man...". As someone whose closest friend is an illustrator and artist, I understand Kamiya completely.

My friend actually sent an illustration for a certain last-gen game (I'm not going to name it but I'm sure you'll all remember which one), his entry was picked along with some others and, although it didn't "win", was put in a special art gallery within the game. All well and good? Yeah, if not for the fact that for some unfathomable reason some illustrators at that game company changed several parts of his illustration without even letting him know (and the one they had previously published on their Website was untouched and the original), so he was all pumped up at the idea of seeing his creation in the game, and ended up being hugely disappointed by that. I still think that, myself, I'd be more overjoyed for the fact that one of my creations (sort of) ended up inside an AAA title, but I can perfectly see where Kamiya is coming from.