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Why Grind When There's Tales of Vesperia DLC?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Once again taking a page out of the PC MMORPG playbook, Namco Bandai is pulling out the DLC. Previously, Namco Bandai made mountains of cash with the DLC for Xbox 360 exclusive THE iDOLM@STER by selling various outfits and accessories for the virtual pop idols and doing it endlessly. This time around, the company is offering more than weapons and armor. Instead of grinding through to level up, the game's DLC will let players buy their leveling up. Need extra gald in-game currency? Buy that, too! Here's a short sample:

LV Up +10 (1) 300 Microsoft Points LV Up +5 (1) 200 Microsoft Points 300,000 Gald (1) 300 Microsoft Points Skill sets 80 Microsoft Points HP Recovery Cuisine Recipe Set 100 Microsoft Points

Get our your wallets lazy players! 箱○テイルズ、レベルアップやゲーム内のお金をDLCで販売 [痛いニュース Thanks, Witz!]