Why Golf Is In Wii Sports Resort

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Originally, Wii Sports Resort did not include a golf game. But it ended up in Wii Sports Resorts only after Miyamoto mistakenly said it would be in the game.



Nintendo staffer Takayuki Shimamura recounts the story with a laugh: "Right after getting back to Japan, he suddenly said: "You know we're including golf now." Apparently he'd stated in an interview that this time round golf shots would be determined by the backswing, even though at that time a golf game didn't exist in any shape or form!"


So there you go! Wii Sports Resort golf, courtesy of an interview flub.

Miyamoto tricked devs into putting Golf back into Wii Sports Resort, also belittles employees [GoNintendo]

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Tim Rogers

you know, the wii sports resort golf also happens to be about 300,000% better than wii sports golf.

that math is in no way exaggerated, either.