Why Game Freak Introduced The Fairy Type In Pokemon

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Today during a Pokemon presentation at E3, Game Freak talked about why they introduced a new monster type for the first time in 14 years—the fairy type. It was a move that retconned the type of already existing Pokemon, like the ones pictured above. What gives? Turns out, there's a reason they did it.

You can blame the dragon type: while dragons are uber cool, Game Freak considered them a tad overpowered.


"As of right now, the dragon type is at an advantage," Game Freak explained. "But nobody wants us to weaken the dragon type, of course. So we decided to come up with something that could really go up against the dragon type….we're hoping that by introducing it, we're going to restore balance, make it a more balanced game."

Previously, dragon-type only had dragon and ice moves as weaknesses. You'll be able to use fairy-type Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon X & Y.

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