Why Does The EyePet Box Art Look Different From Other PS3 Games?

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The box art for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's EyePet recently made its way out to retailers—like Amazon.co.uk—a new branding treatment for PlayStation 3 games that downplays the console's previous branding. In particular, the "PlayStation 3" portion.


While we're not clear that EyePet's box art is final, the assets that Amazon UK has features a slightly different look from previous PlayStation 3 games, like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, for example. Gone is the vertical "PLAYSTATION 3" badge that's typically found on the left of game boxes, as is the multi-colored PS logo that sits atop it on current games. It's possible that Sony is downplaying the "PLAYSTATION 3" in favor of the "PS3" it's been using in recent ads, but it's almost too understated.


EyePet's visual branding is definitely different, but we're not yet sure what to make of the change. We'll be pestering our European PlayStation reps at Gamescom this week to see if they can shine a little light on the change.

EyePet (PS3) [Amazon.co.uk]

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I can't stand the PS3/Blu Ray boxes. They're uglyand the plastic is distracting. But when you couple it with such cluttered box art it looks even worse. :x