Why Does EA Sports Want To Know Where The Band Sits?

I have no idea what this signifies, but the fact they're asking is curious. EA Sports wants to know where the band sits in all 120 stadiums in major college football. Band geeks are marching to the rescue.

NCAA Football has, for several games, featured crowds in the home team's colors - with a swath of the visitor's colors down in the crappy seats set aside for them. Marching band animations are largely restricted to pre-game, overhead shots, with a few coming out in signature formations, like Ohio State's famous Script Ohio formation at the beginning of a game in Columbus.


Evidently Ben Haumiller, a producer on the game, also asked a college fan forum for "info on cheerleader chants several months ago." If this means I'm going to hear the Wake Forest mike man babbling "DUBYA-A, KAY-E! EFF-OH-AR-EE-ES-TEE-LETS-GO" I'm turning off the game. Hell, if it means I'm gonna hear any team's mike man, I'm turning off the game.

I've emailed Ben to ask what's up.

EA Sports: Help Us With Band Locations [Tradition Sports via Operation Sports]

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