Among the Sleep got people talking last month when it was first shown off, because it was about a horror game starring a toddler. Interesting premise, but as the parent of a toddler myself, it also got me thinking.


My daughter is just shy of two years old, and while she's had the odd nightmare and scary moment, she spends most of her days running, laughing, making stupid sentences, dancing, then running some more. In short, most of her waking hours are a joy.


Could a game capture that? Sure it can, and this video shows how.

Filmmaker Daniel Brace took a small camera, strapped it to his daughter's head then played hide & seek with her. The first-person vantage point makes me wish I could pick up a control pad and play this, because what's a boring game for us looks way more fun when you're only a few feet off the ground.

And run like a maniac.

OK, so it would need something more to it than just hide & seek. But as the foundation for a game, "the insane fun tiny children have running around" is a good place to start!


Braceiller Productions [Facebook]

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