Why Do Shy Girls Love Singing about Nerdy Things?

I guess they're not that shy, because they are filming themselves singing songs and then uploading the clips to YouTube.

There's an entire subgenre of young females strumming their guitars, usually in their bedrooms, and singing about the nerdiest things imaginable, from StarCraft to physics. Many of them do a wonderful job, too.

Kotaku's posted these types of tunes before, such as Allie Goertz's little ditty about Dungeons & Dragons, which is so sentimental that I've posted it here again. Consider it an encore.


The above gallery has a collection of nerdy tunes for your listening pleasure.

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I've had my fair share of girls who claim to be nerds, and to be honest I doubt any of these girls are for the simple fact they claim to be. I am a super nerd (and before you call me a hypocrite for the last sentence this is just for reasoning) and I rarely show that side of myself. I don't go around wearing gaming shirts, playing handheld console's everywhere, and certainly not writing songs about it for youtube.

I believe the genre of "nerd" has almost gone in with the genre of "hipster" or "emo". Every one is just looking for that way to be original or show they stand out in a crowd. That's not a problem at all, but the problem for me is it causes a continuous stream of facepalms. Why you ask? Simply because they make us actual nerds feel embarrassed.

I live on and work at a farm, but I'm not really country. Lets say I went to work at a legitimate ranch as a ranchhand. I'm not talking about with other part-time ranchhands, but men and women who have been born into it. Living that lifestyle since birth and busting their ass day in and day out. In simple terms, true modern day cowboys.

If I went to work there and day one started dressing like them and trying to act like them, it's obvious they would be offended and it would brew some bad blood between us. I feel it's the same in this case. The girl in #8 wearing her dumb nerd glasses and more than likely "I love nerds shirt" she bought at Hot Topic along with some other stupid novelty tee's actually angers me.

It's just a joke and I feel like I'm being made a mockery of. Is that how I'm supposed to act and what I'm supposed to find super duper 1337? You truly can't understand a culture or group of people by basic observation. On the street I look like regular Joe Schmoe, but come to my house and you'll see gaming goodies everywhere. You just couldn't tell, and I feel a since of aggravation when someone see's a girl like that and expects me to act in such a way.

In the end, I totally recommend you be yourself. Don't ever try to becoming something you aren't, for you will look like a fool to those who are that way already. It's obvious that most of them do this for Youtube hit's or just to be seen as a nerd goddess, but it's really pathetic. Moral of the story, each individual has an awesome personality. Just be you, it makes life much easier.