Currently, China and Vietnam are not really getting along! Case in point: a territorial dispute that's causing a handful of Vietnamese establishments to refuse Chinese customers.

The issue is that China recently put up an oil rig in sea waters both Vietnam and China are claiming as their own. As the BBC reports, the U.S. is calling China's move "provocative."


In recent years, China's territorial disputes with Vietnam as well as the Philippines and Japan have been heating up.

As noted on website Tây Sơn News Wire, there are at least a couple of Vietnamese establishments in the resort city of Nha Trang that are apparently denying service to Chinese nationals, because of the territorial dispute.

Tây Sơn News Wire calls this a "burgeoning trend," saying that it's spread to five establishments. Considering the size of Nha Trang (population: 392,000), that certainly doesn't sound widespread. It is worth mentioning and has been reported in the international media.


People in Vietnam are upset with China's actions, sparking protests against the country.

Today, AP reports that anti-China protesters set fire to fifteen factories in southern Vietnam that were thought to be Chinese-operated. China is issuing travel warnings for its citizens in Vietnam or visiting the country.

An Burgeoning Trend of Not Serving Chinese Nationals In Nha Trang Is Despicable [Tây Sơn News Wire]

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