Why Blizzard Can't Just Sell More BlizzCon Tickets

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With BlizzCon tickets selling out within minutes again this year, fans wonder why the company doesn't just sell more tickets. After yesterday's opening ceremonies, the reason become abundantly clear.


The picture above was taken holding my camera high amidst the press of bodies trying to either get in or out of the main hall. Some waited patiently while we stood still for the better part of ten minutes, while others tried squeezing through the crowd, pushing past large, sweaty members of the press as if they weren't there. I was frustrated myself, not being a big fan of being trapped in small spaces, and if it weren't for the fact that I could see above everyone I might have panicked. Looking around, it seemed like I wasn't the only one having issues either.

Blizzard sold more tickets this year and added a new hall, but at events that everyone wants to attend, the new hall doesn't make much of a difference. Last night's costume contest was another example, with folks packed into the hall, sitting on the floor, and crammed up against the concession stands off to the side.


So yeah, selling more tickets just wouldn't work. With Blizzard's legion of fans, I have doubts that there exists a venue large enough to really satisfy their needs. Perhaps next year they can institute a system where customers place their ticket orders over the course of a week, with some sort of random algorithm determining who gets a chance to actually purchase them and attend the show. All I know is more tickets is definitely not the answer.

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Paradox me

Why don't fans just take up less space?

Blaming Blizzard for all of their problems, jeez.