Now, Barbara Gordon might not wind up becoming the Darknight Damsel—yeah, they used to call her that back in the day—at all in the next crop of Batman video games. Yes, she was heard in Arkham Asylum in her Oracle identity. But, it may so happen that a fateful encounter with the Joker, like the infamous one in The Killing Joke, puts her in a wheelchair and sets up her information broker/super hacker alter ego. The people in charge at WB Games could leapfrog over her entire career as Batgirl in the Arkham continuity. But, despite the fact that her Oracle identity is an incredible symbol of resilience and perseverance, it’d be a shame if they did. Batgirl—and what she represents—is an important part of the Bat-mythos, one that would help the video game version of the Dark Knight feel even more human.