Why Are We Still Hating on Activision?

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Why is it still so fashionable to hate on Activision when there's so many other publishers worthy of our scorn? That's the question commenter Spacerac poses in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Do we really still hate Activision that much?

All they've really done is milk Call of Duty, which is what people have demonstrated they want. I for one have not seen Activision do anything really anti-consumer, such as Ubisoft for spearheading always-online for single-player, Capcom for spearheading paying for on-disc DLC, and worst of all EA for bringing out the online pass and causing other publishers to use them to abuse paying customers as well.


Activision for all their supposed faults are saints compared to these three.

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But I hate them all equally.....

let's just make a list of Devs who we like:

I'll start with easy ones...