Why Apple's New iPod Nano Interface Isn't So New

One of the most striking things about the new iPod Nano is its bubble interface. It's different from the rounded squares found on people's iPhones.


For many iPhone users, the interface will seem brand new. For gamers, it might not.

The bubble icon interface on the iPod Nano looks very similar to the bubble icon interface found on the PlayStation Vita.

That isn't to say Apple is copying Sony—though, I'd be curious to know how Sony has protected its intellectual property for the Vita's interface. What's more, Sony didn't necessarily invent the bubble interface (Nokia had previously experimented with it, so maybe Apple cribbed from Nokia?)


However, there it was on a new Apple product. You really have to wonder if this bubble icon interface is going to become a thing, replacing those rounded squares of today's iPhone iOs, or if the nascent trend will pop, like so many bubbles before it.

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