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Why All The Call Of Duty Hate?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today in Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter WhoKnew? wants to know where all of the Call of Duty hate is coming from. Is it just because it's beautiful?

So, Kotaku-ians, why all the Call of Duty hate?

Sure, people don't like Kotick and his DLC antics. Sure, the games been running on the same engine since CoD 4.


However, there is a reason for the game that sells millions upon millions of copies every year; Its core formula is the most solid, perhaps out of any first person shooter out there.

Let me preface this by saying I love all shooters. I play the hell out of Call of Duty, play the hell out of Battlefield. There are a bunch of reasons that I do go back to the CoD series every year but perhaps the most important of them all:

It's a blast.

Plain and simple, no sugar coating. The multi-player experience, which for many is very intimidating, is the very reason why. Have eight friends online, want to party up and shoot others? No other game (speaking on behalf of consoles) offers such a simple and fast way to get together and do such. Sorry Battlefield, parties of 4 don't cut, they just don't.


I see commenter after commenter rip on the series. The only complaints I see "just" are those that complain about Black Ops connection issues on both PC and PS3, which is understandable. For you Xbox 360 gamers however, there is no reason to hate this game. In my honest opinion, I think these comments are because, well, they are horrible at the game.

And before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, let me explain. "It's the same game every year." This is just entirely not true. I won't go into detail but Black Ops has introduced a ton of great new features. Treyarch has built the most balanced well thought out CoD perhaps in the history of the series.


Try going 50-10 on a game of ground war and tell me that you're not having a blast. Kotick did not invent DLC, he is merely using it to build revenue for Activision, as any large corporation would. As far as the game engine, why go away from a proven formula? 60 FPS compared to 30 FPS on Battlefield is a very noticeable difference (again consoles). The smoothness of the gameplay is really unmatched.

I've been playing since release and I'm proud to say I'm a 14th prestige. Yes, I have no life :)


Happy double XP weekend everyone.

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