Why a Former Nintendo Developer Loves the Vita

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One of the most interesting parts of reaching one's thirties is seeing how impermanent, flexible, and downright unexpected someone's career path can end up being. Such is the case with Motoi Okamoto.


Previously having worked on a decade's worth of Nintendo titles, including Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine, and Wii Play, Okamoto left Nintendo in 2008 to form Entersphere, the company responsible for PS Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell.

There's quite a difference indeed between cute little plant-critters and a deposed king of Hell. Personally, I love seeing anyone make this kind of jump. So many writers, artists, and designers have so much creativity to put into the world that it's very cool to see them work with different platforms and genres.


Pikmin Writer Talks About Making Games For PlayStation Vita [Siliconera]

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It's funny how he worked on Pikmin and Pikmin 2, two incredibly well rated games from Nintendo, and then went to work on something similar in concept (but with a more dark theme) on a Sony platform, and Army Corps of Hell doesn't seem to be doing too well in reviews.

So, does it really matter how powerful the hardware you're working on is, if you don't manage to make a good game despite that?

Of course, this is only my first impression upon reading this article. I don't know how deeply involved he was on the Pikmin games and on Army Corps from Hell. But one thing is certain: power alone does not make a game good. You also need good direction, good budget (according to the game's scope, that is), good coding, good writing, good development time, etc, etc, etc. Yadda yadda yadda.