According to the official calendar of shady holidays, today is Appreciate a Dragon Day, the one day a year when we can all stop, picture a dragon in our heads and nod appreciatively. Which video game dragon do you appreciate the most?

I’ll never forget my first video game dragon. Sure, he looked a bit like a duck, but I looked like a block with an arrow over it, so I wasn’t about to judge.


Still can’t figure out if I ever beat Adventure.

My second most appreciated dragon is also kind of retro, but in the geekiest way possible.


I am convinced that Legend of the Red Dragon is the only reason anyone logged in to the BBSes I ran in the early ‘90s. They’d endlessly redial for hours, desperately trying to handshake with my PC, never knowing I was probably had the system down so I could download the slowest porn ever.


I appreciate these dragons all of the time but today, this magical made-up holiday, I appreciate them just a tiny bit more.

How about you folks? Who’s your dragon?

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