Who's Ready For Guild Wars 2's Path Of Fire Expansion?

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Guild Wars 2's second expansion, Path of Fire, launches this Friday, taking players to the Crystal Desert and the Kingdom of Elona to track down a rogue god. Along the way, giant rabbits will be mounted. Who’s excited?

I must admit, this expansion snuck up on me. The initial announcement only happened in early August. Normally I have a lot more time to digest, but here we are, days away from riding amazing creatures through the desert, specializing our character classes and collecting bounties, all while tracking down Balthazar, the god of fire, war and generally being a manipulative dick.

It’s been a while since I got into Guild Wars 2, but it might be time to return. It sounds a little silly, but the prospect of riding the newly-introduced mounts through the desert gets me all tingly. In the explainer video below, the devs drop the phrase “the joy of movement.” I get that.

More details on the new stuff can be found over at the expansion’s official website. Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire expansion goes live on Friday, September 22 at 9AM Pacific. I hope to be riding a rabbit by noon. Who’s with me?

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So here is my thing with GW2, I started out my Asura Engineer with a friend that no longer is around, and we did tons of the timed events, bosses and things like that which were TONS of fun. The rest of the time was spent doing random missions here and there, harvesting for crafting jewelry and such.
I hit 80 and the expansion came out, suddenly I am getting gangbeat by pocket raptors and things that prevent me from making any progress in the game. I don’t even have a glider. I keep getting told to find a guild for dungeons and similar but whenever I try to get with people I feel very ineffective, and haven’t been able to get back in that groove that I found when leveling.

Is this expansion more of the same where it is all group content or is it solo-able? I have pretty much given up on the idea of a guild these days as an adult with a kiddo.