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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Who's Hungry for Some Nintendo Burgers?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just in time for lunch (it's always time for lunch), MonkeyPaw Games brings the re-imagined arcade classic BurgerTime to this week's Nintendo Download, which is lovely seeing as there isn't much else.

You spin me round round, baby, right round; like a burger baby. That's the idea behind BurgerTime World Tour, taking the 2D action of the original game and twisting it in on itself. It's colorful, responsive, and — most importantly — it's one of only three downloadable games coming to Nintendo's various platforms this week.

For the vegetarians in the audience, there's 40-in-1 Explosive Megamix for DSiWare, which sounds dangerous, and an old Game Boy title for the 3DS eShop.


I'll probably just eat my fill of burgers and nap until next week.

WiiWare (Wii)


BurgerTime World Tour
Publisher: MonkeyPaw Games
Price:1,000 Wii Points
Peter Pepper picked a peck of pickled burgers and man, what a fight did he get! Join our hero as he traverses the globe in search of hamburger heaven. Escape from angry veggies and build your BurgerTime World Tour today. The rotational axis allows you to see through the cylinder level, creating strategic elements for determining the fastest way to complete a burger. Enemies can now be thrown by Peter Pepper. Tossing an angry veggie will make it easier to precision drop an enemy onto a burger part, earning the player lots of bonus points. The all-new Burgertime will rock your retro world. Download today!

• 3D Rotating Cylindrical Environment
• 4 Culinary Capitals of Cuisine Worlds
• Platforming and Elevated Retro Gameplay
• Over 20 Fun-Filled Burgerlicious Levels!


DSiWare (DSi / 3DS)


40-in-1 Explosive Megamix
Publisher: Nordcurrent
Price: $7.99 / 800 DSi Points

Do you like arcade games - puzzles, action and shooting games? Then this is just what you have been waiting for. 40 games in one collection! Choose between classic games like Sudoku, Match-3 and Cooking games, and try out new and completely original fun games in various genres. Amazing graphics and unique features such as high-score tables and unlockable games will provide hours and hours of fun.
-40 minigames in different genres
-Amazing graphics and all the unique Nintendo DS features
-High-scores tables, unlockable games and many extra features!


eShop (3DS)


Maru's Mission
Publisher: Hamster Corporation
Price: $2.99
The Master Traveler takes on the Monsters of the World. Play as the ninja Maru in this action-packed side-scrolling game that will take you on a journey across the world. While Maru is out for a walk with his girlfriend Cori, an evil samurai named Muramasa suddenly appears and kidnaps her. In Maru's efforts to track her down and rescue her, he must face a number of mythological monsters while gaining new and powerful weapons in order to defeat them. Using the hints that are left behind by his enemies, Maru will follow a trail that will lead him across six different locations – including the bug-infested forests of America and the scorching deserts of Egypt. Help our hero on his mission as he fights to rescue Cori.