Whoah, What is This Deus Ex Movie? It Looks Incredible! [Update]

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A video turned up on YouTube today saying it was behind-the-scenes footage of a Deus Ex "Live Action Short Film". And it looks way too slick/expensive to be a fan film.


The credits at the end list it as being the work of Enso Productions, a professional "Action Design Team". Which basically means people who design and then act out fight scenes in movies. While as a group they've done amateur/homage work before, the rigs and studios (not to mention presence of expensive-looking motion capture equipment) glimpsed in the above clip look a little out of the league of your average fan flick.

But then, it's 2012. Fan films are getting better by the day, and while my first hunch is that this is for some kind of web series or marketing short, my second hunch is that this could just be the slickest amateur video game movie we've ever seen.

We've contacted the relevant parties to find out just what the hell this is, and will update if we hear back..

UPDATE - Square Enix says it's nothing official.

"Dues Ex" Live Action Film Behind the Scenes - Stunt/ Fight Choreography [YouTube, thanks Leland!]



A lot of the moves are almost IDENTICAL to what was in the original reveal trailer. Some of them are spot-on copies of the takedowns Jensen can do in-game, too. Interesting. Either this is just 'lost footage' from mocap testing, or these people really did their homework.